1/23 07 - maybe
In memoriam RAW


By W.-A. Liebert

For days I feel so dreary

And only now I know why:

You have resigned

From the stage, which

Seems empty at one stroke.

And thus we sit

Like in slow motion solidified,

Hanging between

Disturbed thoughts and feelings,

Which arrange very slowly,

To your remembrance,

Because you will never return.

You have inspired us,

Haunted and haunt in our

Anxious brain mud,

Making us and our

Beloved planet laugh.

Poet of the earth,

Poet of the universe,

We will miss your laughter!

Oh you,

Electrician of enlightenment,

With your advice

Circuit and circuit came full circle

Until our thousand selves

Fell into pieces into

A star rain of ecstasy.

You Sirius,

You Sphinx,

You Prometheus,

Here and now we look into the future,

With gentle dog mind,

With puzzling cats-quantum-joy

– even if not all Blütenträume reiften –

We will see each other again in the spaceship,

We will be immortal,

We will play and play all forms

Which arise from our loving imagination.

We thank to you for your wonder  

Of wonderful work.

You have kindled our vünkelîn,

We will carry the torch along.


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