Lamen and Sigil 741

By Frater Kentroversy


In July 1993, I was run down in a speeding hit-and-run accident as I walked my pet wolf home from a swim at Lake Erie beach, just about a two-minute walk from the cottage in which my wife and I lived at the time. In this accident, I sustained serious injuries, which left me with approximately 10%-20% of total joint mobility in my lower back and legs. I was laid up in bed for six weeks in the middle of a blazing hot summer, with severe complications due to my having the blood-clotting disorder Hemophilia. The treatment for this condition consists of injections of the proper clotting component of the blood. In my case this is Factor VIII. During those six weeks in bed, I used as much clotting factor as I had in the previous two years --- that was how seriously I was injured!

For the first five days after this accident, I could not sleep; I was in so much pain. When I finally did pass out, it was from sheer exhaustion. In all, I ended up injuring my lower back, my right hip, and both knees and ankles. I won’t go into a blow-by-blow description of all of my injuries, but suffice to say, both my hematologist and orthopedic doctors told me that I would never walk again. After the preliminary emergency was over, I began to formulate a magickal plan dedicated to my recovery from what could very well have been permanently devastating injuries.

The first step of my plan was to refocus my mind, which was dissipated by the impact of the injuries on my physical and mental states. It was shocking to experience that distraction after an accident of such magnitude --- it threw me off my game --- and that is putting things mildly! Between the delirium and the hardcore pain medication, I was finding even the most basic meditation to be simply impossible. It was as if I had started out all over again, and in a way, that was exactly what was happening. I would not even know until several months later, the true day to day impact this would have on my life. 

I was told the most horrendous things by my doctors, who seemed more content to tell me all the things I could not do, instead of focusing on all the things I could. For instance, when Dr. B. spoke with me, he told me that I could no longer drive an automobile, and if I had a license, I should immediately surrender it to the local motor vehicle department office. My wife, who is a registered nurse, herself suggested that I surrender my license, warning that I might fall asleep at the wheel.

This has had a tremendous effect on my life, whenever I want a ride somewhere, I need to trouble someone to be my personal transportation. This severely cuts into my own social life, to the point of not wanting to bother at all. The devastating loss of independence is an issue that I had never heard about until I was living it myself. I am at the mercy of other people’s schedules, and after many years of being self-ambulating, it was a powerful blow to my ego to suddenly have to ask for a ride to run an errand. 

The pain I am today redefines the definition of the word! It also wastes a great deal of energy, which is spent keeping my composure. Some days are simply impossible without my taking the morning’s morphine dosage before I get out of bed. This is extremely draining to my energy reserve, and the sum total of the experience has changed my personality to the point where I am a complete 180 degrees from the man with whom the Rose Quartz Woman fell in love.

For a number of years after this experience, I thought that I could never again contribute something important, but I still kept with my studies. My research is on a wide range of subjects, and this is reflected by my own manner of communication. I am told that I am knowledgeable about many subjects, and have a wide diversity of interests. At the lowest of the low, an idea occurred to me. What I was doing was not just the result of some accident --- it was the hand of fate quieting me at whatever the cost.


Agoraphobia or Monastic Experience?

When I was suddenly thrust into this situation, my life changed so much that I needed to understand what my options were in terms of my own response. I was not about to allow a physical injury take me out of the game mentally. So, I spent a great deal of time considering what would be the most advantageous use of my time. This was right at the moment that the Internet and the World Wide Web had reached mass consciousness. Even though I had been online with the old-school BBS system since 1983, the emergence of the World Wide Web placed an entire library on my desk right inside my home!

I began to understand that I could do one of two things in response to this most-rude of all life-changes --- I could withdraw and become agoraphobic --- or I could treat this injury and the available free-time it had suddenly given me as a monastic experience. I could hide in plain sight, as I kept up with my studies. I guess that at the root of it all, I am an information junkie. I also happen to have an obsessive compulsive personality, which manifests itself in what I call fanatical completism --- or total immersion in everything of importance which has as its’ end goal, spiritual ascension.

All visitors to my home see that books are the central theme --- all on the shelves for one purpose. Spiritual ascension is the primary work of my life --- and now I would have an amount of available time I never would have had otherwise. Even the music I most enjoy contains spiritual ascension as its’ primary theme; YES, Peter Gabriel, The BEATLES, Jimi Hendrix, as well as George Harrison --- both as a solo artist and guru. I have a library that is at least as large as the one maintained by Aleister Crowley. I have the most important pieces of the ultimate puzzle, which is what I choose to call Spiritual Alchemy. Spiritual Alchemy is the turning the base-metal soul into the golden light of spiritual illumination --- what I believe to be the true esoteric meaning of the function of the object known as the Philosopher’s Stone. 

As I was at this important juncture, a small handful of students suddenly appeared from out of nowhere. As I have literally a houseful of important metaphysical books, I had all of the source material that I would ever need to draw upon. So, in the aftermath of 9/11, I began to teach and share the mindset of a magician to a small group of people whom I refer to as my ‘spiritual family.’ On a regular schedule, I hold classes in my home, with the intent of sharing the knowledge that I have accumulated in the past 25 years of regular practice of the various types of magick.


The 7 4 1 Working: Invocation of Love and Protection

When I learned I was going to be a father for the first time, I wondered how I could possibly protect an infant in a world that has gone insane. As I am cursed with the gift of prophecy, I have been able to see some of the bigger picture. So, as the Master of the Temple silently tends to his garden, I set about the business of the most effective manner of protecting both my wife and our son in the best way I know. I pulled all of my magickal reference books, and began putting together the formulae for that protection.

What I came up with was a protection invocation ritual, which was attended by the five coordinates of the elements, as represented by the five ritual participants:

  • Air = Truth and Wisdom (The Father-To-Be)
  • Water = Healing and Transformation (The Mother-To-Be)
  • Earth = Strength (The Godfather = The Best Friend of The Father-To-Be)
  • Fire = Justice (The Godmother = The Best Friend of The Mother-To-Be)
  • Spirit = A New Beginning (The Son-To-Be)

Because the Archangel Michael plays such a huge role in our lives separately and together, this would be the proper entity to invoke. According to Gustav Davidson’s Dictionary of Angels, Michael was discovered to be the angel of the times of both mine and the Rose Quartz Woman’s birth. Additionally, Aleister Crowley’s Liber 777 also pointed to Michael as a proper force of protection. Lastly, Michael plays an important role in the story of the biblical prophet Daniel, and because Daniel also happens to be my middle name, Michael fit into this scheme as well.

This ritual was performed under the full moon of Pisces on August 30, 2004. There will be two more rituals in this cycle; with a full moon of Pisces on February 23, 2005, and the third and final ritual will be performed at high noon during the first sun cycle following the birth. This will see a layering of both moon and sun energies surrounding the birth of our son, who will be named Anthony Owen after two close friends of ours who died before their time.

Also, the spiritual etymology of these two names were important to both myself and my wife. When this is considered, the spiritual meaning of these two names together is as follows:

“The Lord has favored this priceless and well-born birth.”


Kentroversy Ensues at Maybe Logic Academy

Upon hearing of the impending start-up of Maybe Logic Academy, I immediately knew that this was something of which I needed to be a part. After sending in my tuition, I could barely wait until classes began. To have been even a small part of the success of the Academy has delivered to me, pride and the feeling of having contributed to something that I hope will mature into an important metaphysical Internet community.

When I first arrived at the Academy, I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of negativity, and the constant encouragement coming from the student peer group, directed at whomever needed or wanted some direction from some of us older and more experienced metaphysicians. I announced that I happen to be a self-initiated magician, and almost immediately, several of the younger students began to seek me out for guidance and advice. This too was a surprise, as I had become used to the full-degree of negativity that breeds hatred throughout the entire Internet.

Three of the younger students wrote me privately, to ask if I would be willing to provide them with an example of one of my own privately written rituals. I was told that this would help the beginning students of magick, and I am more than happy to oblige when it comes to educating people of any age. Therefore, the ritual that is titled ‘Lamen and Sigil 741 Used To Protect A Pregnancy’ is my official response to those requests.

Finally, I would like to say that the primary reason why I mixed so many theologies into this ritual, was because it was undertaken by a Thelemic magician, two witches, and a Christian. I wanted to make every participant comfortable with the proceedings, and toward that goal, I was able to far exceed all expectations.

Frater Kentroversy

Buffalo, New York USA

December 8, 2004



As today's world has grown evermore uncertain, it became apparent to me that I must do all I can to aid and comfort my wife during her pregnancy --- our first pregnancy together --- and one we were told could never happen because of physical problems I suffered after being involved in a hit and run automobile accident in July 1993. As soon as we became aware of this matter, I pulled all of my magick reference works and began to put together what eventually turned into an invocation of the Archangel Michael, as well as a charging of power crystals, and a gridding of these crystals upon the altar and throughout the temple. As I happen to be a fierce and tenacious protector of my spiritual family members (who are NOT necessarily members of my birth family), I felt both honor and duty bound to employ as much protection as it is humanly possible, given my current level of magickal proficiency.

Twenty years ago, I was told by a friend who had done a tarot card reading --- that I should pay particular notice of the numbers 1, 4, and 7. That whenever they occur in an unbroken sequence in any combination of those three numbers --- that I should know it is a signpost indicating at that precise moment, I am right where I need to be. And for the past twenty years, I have been following both my heart and the 1's, the 4's and the 7's. They have never steered me wrong --- and they have always appeared only at the most crucial times.

Before I continue onward, let me tell you a little bit about myself and my practice of magick.

I am self-initiated into an organization known as the A .'. A .'. --- exoterically referred to as Astrum Argentum but esoterically called A .'. A .'. --- and more popularly known as the Great White Brotherhood. I have practiced various forms of magick for twenty-five years --- and such disciplines include my being a practicing alchemist, specializing in spiritual alchemy. I am also a student of the Greater Egyptian and Atlantean Mysteries, as well as a practitioner of sigil magick. My initial identification with magick made itself known to me upon my first reading of THE LORD OF THE RINGS in the early 1970's. I knew that I was akin to TOLKIEN'S dueling wizards --- the black magick evil SARUMAN and the white magick pure GANDALF --- although I was never in doubt as to which side of the battle I would line up.

I first became acquainted with ALEISTER CROWLEY and THELEMA and THELEMIC MAGICK through the music and lyrics of JIMMY PAGE and LED ZEPPELIN. LED ZEPPELIN is the number two all-time best selling band behind The BEATLES --- and they were all about as JIMMY PAGE once so famously said, "Power, Mystery, and the Hammer of the Gods." For example, the lyrics to the Led Zeppelin song Carouselambra, which appears on their 1979 album "In Through The Out Door," feature multiple quotations from Crowley's own Thelemic writings.

I also will explain how I discovered that 7 4 1 were the numbers that best described me --- and why they have to be arranged in that particular order of 7 4 1 and not 147 or 417 or anything else for that matter. I have always described my Cabbalistic number to be 7 4 1, and when I took the time to learn and understand numerology, I understood that it could be no other number.

Even in 1984 when I was told that these numbers 7 4 1 would be prominent in my life, I never bothered to tell this friend that these numbers had already been following me for more than a decade prior to that conversation. For one example, the farm on which I grew up was located at 11473 Broadway. Having noticed long ago that this was already the case, I listened to everything my friend said that day. These numbers appeared only when the most important decisions were being made. These numbers have never mislead me, or lead me to a negative experience or an incorrect or fallible answer.

When I set about designing a sigil for my own spiritual families' use, I wanted to accomplish three things. I wanted it to incorporate the 1, 4, and 7. I wanted to create a design that could not be inverted, reversed, or defeated in any way. I also needed it to be a flexible design, so it could be easily adaptable for use in more than just one act of magick. This way, the sigil could grow in power as it is used for more tasks.

This article is separated into three sections. First, I will tell you the full meaning of SIGIL 7 4 1. Next, I will share with you the meaning and the rationale behind LAMEN 7 4 1. Finally, I will share with you the full INVOCATION AND PROTECTION RITUAL. Each step forward employs the use of the full power of the step previous --- such as the LAMEN incorporates the SIGIL, and the RITUAL incorporates both the LAMEN and the SIGIL.

Section # 1 - SIGIL 7 4 1 - The Meaning

NOTE: For the purpose of this discussion, when I refer to SIGIL 7 4 1, this is to what I am referring:

To begin, because 7 4 1 is a number that contains three digits, it was important to design a sigil that was constructed out of three design elements. Before making the design, I consulted my symbol dictionaries, numerology books, and archetypes encyclopedias. I wanted this sigil to remain consistent in my use of the individual elements, as with regard to the original meanings of the archetypal shapes themselves.

These three archetypal design elements were as follows:

  • 01) Infinity Sign

  • 02) As above . . . so below

  • 03) Metaphysical and magickal meaning of 7 4 1

THE NUMBER ONE in this design relates to the INFINITE ONE, which is represented by the infinity sign. This represents the UNITY of those in our immediate group, along with the infinite oneness that we all feel as part of the true nature of the quantum multiverse (universe of universes), the creator energy which some call GOD, and the human being.

THE NUMBER FOUR in this design relates to the FOUR DIRECTIONAL WINDS and their corresponding Native American spirit guides. In this case, AS ABOVE and SO BELOW represent north and south. If one examines the triangular wedges that are formed by the AS ABOVE and SO BELOW symbols, one also gets their east and west directions. This also refers to the four members of our group --- which correspond to the four elements: Father (Air = Wisdom and Truth), Godfather (Earth = Strength), Mother (Water = Healing), and Godmother (Fire = Justice). These are arranged in the order in which they appear in the pentacle arrangement. Additionally, there is the fifth element SPIRIT, which is higher above the AS ABOVE point of the wedge facing upwards. Spirit also corresponds to IDEAS. The downward wedge relates to SO BELOW --- and lower than this is earth, which represents ACTIONS.

The X that is formed by the crossing line of the INFINITY SIGN represents AHA! or AMEN --- and is representative of KETHER in the TREE OF LIFE. I also view KETHER as the final understanding or symbolic of The Great Spiritual Work of Magick.

THE NUMBER SEVEN in the sigil refers to the first seven of the thirty-two paths of wisdom in the Tree of Life:

  • 01) KETHER = AHA! or The Final Understanding or The Great Spiritual Work of Magick = Crown = Admirable Intelligence

  • 02) CHOKMAH = Wisdom = Illuminating Intelligence

  • 03) BINAH = Understanding = Sanctifying Intelligence

  • 04) CHESED = Mercy or Love = Receiving Intelligence

  • 05) GEBURAH = Severity or Intensity = Radical Intelligence

  • 06) TIPHARETH = Beauty = Intelligence of Meditating Influence

  • 07) NETZACH = Victory or Success of Endeavor = Hidden Intelligence

When viewed through this system, the number 7 4 1 translates as follows:

"It is only through the application of mercy or love can the final understanding of The Great Spiritual Work of Magick occur."

CONCLUSION: It is through only the very specific and very direct application of SIGIL 7 4 1 that the utmost of magickal protection can occur. Because of the design --- it cannot be reversed, inverted, or otherwise defeated in any way, shape, or form. Since the creation and implementation of SIGIL 7 4 1, we have been successful in everything we have attempted. Furthermore, once the full and true magickal meaning of the number seven is understood --- it can also be understood that this magickal energy cannot be defeated or destroyed by anyone or anything seeking to do us harm.

Section # 4 - LAMEN 7 4 1 - The Meaning

NOTE: For the purpose of this discussion, when I refer to LAMEN 7 4 1, this is to what I am referring:

Before I continue with the discussion of LAMEN 7 4 1 --- let me take a moment to explain to those readers who may be beginners at magick what exactly a LAMEN is and what it is not. A LAMEN is the breastplate of the magickian --- and as Aleister Crowley wrote in LIBER ABA (pgs. 110-112):

"In this Lamen the Magician must place the secret keys of his power."

Even though this design was used as part of the altar arrangement --- on the actual LAMEN --- the crystals and precious gemstones would be actually imbedded into the breastplate itself. But for our purposes here, the diagrammatic representation was more than appropriate for the use on the altar. This was done because both godparents are nowhere near as advanced as the Mage and the mother-to-be. For instructional purposes --- this was most useful.

LAMEN 7 4 1 is a pentacle with SIGIL 7 4 1 in the center pentagonal area --- it is from THIS that all magickal protection emanates.

We also have the five elements --- which are as follows:

01) Air = Truth and Wisdom (The Father-To-Be)

02) Water = Healing and Transformation (The Mother-To-Be)

03) Earth = Strength (The Godfather = The Father's Best Friend)

04) Fire = Justice (The Godmother = The Mother's Best Friend)

05) Spirit = A New Beginning (The Child-To-Be)

Additionally, we have the alchemical symbols for each of these five elements in their appointed places amongst the five emanations of the pentacle.

Lastly, among the alternating points of the pentacle, we have five areas where five crystals and precious gemstones have been placed. These five represent the two power crystals of both the mother and father, a crystal to aid in scrying and future-seeing, a protection stone, and a birthing stone. All of these stones and crystals were cleansed, charged, and placed amongst the altar and the temple as part of a very specific grid. The design of this grid was based upon the exact location in latitude and longitude, of where the protection invocation ritual was performed. The methodology in how the grid was designed employed astrological considerations, as well as having used aspects of Qabalistic numerology and Gematria, as well as the common sense of the Mage himself.

The Meanings of the Five Major Crystals and Precious Gemstones:

NOTE: Before I mention anything else about crystals and precious gemstones --- please understand that it is ALWAYS going to bring better results if you use large and heavy pieces. Those small crystals and stones that are sold in lots of places are no good because they are small and carry little capacity and amplification ability. Therefore, with these five major pieces listed below --- they totaled nearly ten pounds in combined weight. This adds more capacity and more ability when actually performing the ritual. All crystals and precious gemstones combined weighed exactly 14.7 lbs. in weight --- as is further described below.

  • Amethyst (Father's Power Crystal) - 1,488 gr. (3.28 lbs.)
Even though my birthstone is supposed to be TOPAZ --- it has always been AMETHYST that has much more meaning to me. This is likely because of the fact that I have the lifelong medical disease of Hemophilia --- which means that my blood does not clot properly. One of the many wonderful properties of amethyst is that it filters the blood and circulatory system --- which of course is an issue I wish to address within the realm of protection. One of the other properties of amethyst is that it strengthens the immune system --- and because there are so many affronts to the immune system in today's world --- such as aspartame, nicotine, and fluoridated drinking water --- this is another area of concern.

Equally as important is that amethyst also blocks geopathic stress. This is stress that is caused by underground power lines or negative energy coming from within the Earth's own ecosystem, this is yet one more thing about which to be concerned. These pieces of amethyst were all cleansed by the full moon and charged with the sun. After that, they were infused with the power of the magician and gridded together so that their energy is always cycling between the entire set of amethyst wands, a pyramid, geodes, terminated stones, and so forth.

  • Rose Quartz (Mother's Power Crystal) - 453 gr. (1 lb.)
This is the power crystal of the mother-to-be. ROSE QUARTZ represents unconditional love and infinite peace. At the heart of things, the mother is a healer. She is well-versed in the hands-on healing known as REIKI, and she works in the healthcare field here in the northeast United States of America. Rose Quartz furthers the bond between mother and child as well as between the parents. Because the mother is by nature, a healer, this was the most appropriate crystal. When it is learned that in her professional life, the mother works in a hospital telemetry unit --- which is a heart specialist unit --- the reader can easily appreciate why the mother is most comfortable with ROSE QUARTZ as the primary crystal with which she works.

This crystal also filters the blood and the circulatory system --- and was selected to aid in the protection of this pregnancy for this very reason.

  • Clear Quartz (Crystal of Prophecy) - 612 gr. (1.35 lbs.)
Both Clear Quartz and Tibetan quartz was used for this invocation/protection ritual.

Clear quartz was used because it has been known to be useful in the cleansing and clearing of the entire chakra system. Rather than cleansing each individual chakra separately --- I am now of sufficiently advanced magickal power, therefore I am now able to accomplish this with a single crystal sphere, which coincidentally contains both a capital letter K and a capital letter P --- which of course refer to both myself and my wife. This was the reason why this particular sphere was purchased --- as it already contained a very noticeable reference to BOTH of us.

Tibetan Quartz has a deep meaning to me personally, as I have been studying Buddhist philosophy for most of my adult life. Even though these crystals were expensive, they call upon literally hundreds of years of commitment on the part of the Buddhists. Having this level of help and concentration involved in these proceedings had turned out to be most helpful. Tibetan quartz is known to implement deep-healing and balances the entire energy system in the human body. It was for this reason that it was selected to be used in this very specific application.

  • Grey 'Marbled' Onyx (Protection Stone) - 1,474 gr. (3.25 lbs.)
Ever since I can remember, grey has always been my favorite color, which combines well with the amethyst purple of my own power crystal. This protection stone was purchased at a store in Sedona, Arizona in March 2000. I have never seen grey 'marbled' onyx before, and this was in the shape of a Buddha --- all of which meant that I had to have it. It sits on my bedside stand, and recently I weighed this large piece of onyx. It weighed exactly 1.474 kg. on a digital kitchen scale --- which may explain why I simply had to have this piece when I saw it in the store.

The woman who sold me this piece stated that she had never seen a piece of onyx with this type of 'marbled' markings. I have never seen anything like it before finding this one, and I have searched for another since purchasing it four years ago. I have not been able to locate anything even remotely like this one --- and it is for this reason alone that this grey onyx Buddha sits in such an honorable place within my home.

As a protection stone, onyx is known to alleviate fear and worry. It also protects the immune system, and is helpful for those who have either problems with their feet or their teeth --- both of which are problems that my wife and I have, respectively.

  • Malachite (Birthing Stone) - 340 gr. (0.75 lbs.)
The use of malachite as a birthing stone meant that we needed to locate a rather large piece for our own use. One day recently while at the local shopping mall, we stopped in at a store called New Age Creations. In a glass case, was the largest piece of malachite that I had even seen in my entire life. Weighing nearly three-quarters of a pound, I immediately purchased it and brought it home to add to our collection. It now proudly sits on my desk in my office, where it has taken up residence with the clear quartz sphere, which is described above.

Malachite opens the third-eye chakra --- which is leading to a greater understanding by my wife --- of the manner in which our world has been turning. To offer as much protection as is humanly and magickally possible --- was our objective in selecting this stone. Malachite is also useful in the assistance of transformation, which is going to be quite helpful as we continue onward toward the birth of our child in March 2005. This stone also filters toxins in the bloodstream, as well as filtering and protecting my wife's DNA throughout the pregnancy, and the DNA of our child when he is born in March 2005.

Total Weight of Five Major Power Crystals and Gemstones = 4,368 gr. (9.63 lbs.)

Nine Other Helper and Amplifier Crystals and Precious Gemstones

Within the grid system used in the temple during the invocation and protection ritual, I have also used nine other crystals and precious gemstones. These I have called the helper and amplifier crystals and precious gemstones. Once everything was set up within the grid that I designed, I started the energy running through these gridded stones and crystals in an endless figure eight of infinity. The five elemental stones and crystals were cycling clockwise within the altar space --- and the nine helper and amplifier crystals and stones were cycling in the opposite direction along the outer perimeter of the temple itself.

Thus, the entire grouping of the fourteen types of crystals and gemstones were themselves forming an infinite circle --- which was then synchronized with first our breathing, and secondly, with our heartbeat rhythm. Once the four people present began this process --- the synchronization occurred fairly quickly. It is my suggestion that the best method in which to learn this for yourself is to incorporate it into your daily meditation regimen.

The nine helper and amplifier crystals and precious gemstones used were as follows:

  • Aqua Aura (Siberian Blue) (Truth and Communication Crystal) - 45 gr. (1.625 oz.)
The Siberian Blue Aqua Aura crystal is a beautiful piece of natural crystal. It is a crystal that harbors and facilitates truth and communication. This stone was selected because of personal issues between myself (the father) and my wife (the mother). We have chosen the Siberian Blue Aqua Aura crystal so that our child will grow up in an atmosphere of truth and that the child-to-be will be able to ask anything of his parents (my wife and I) --- anything at all. The child will be taught that it is righteous and true to question authority --- and that to be inquisitive will encourage a better mind and worldview.

The Siberian Blue Aqua Aura crystal was placed directly adjacent to the Malachite birthing stone for the purposes of creating the energy to bring this about at this early portion of the pregnancy. Additionally, the Siberian Blue Aqua Aura crystal is known to cleanse the aura, and it connects the magick practitioner directly to the cosmic consciousness. I am certain that I do not need to explain the importance of being connected directly to the cosmic consciousness.

One last effect of this crystal is to allow our child to know what truth is --- and will have a finely tuned bullshit detector within his magickal toolbox.

  • Bloodstone (Cleanser and Amplifier Stone) - 70 gr. (2.5 oz.)
The Bloodstone is known to cleanse the energy field and boost the immune system. Because these Bloodstones were gifted to my wife and I from individuals who have since died --- these stones are also infused with their energy and presence. I implemented these stones to also act as amplifiers --- and as such they were placed directly adjacent to the Malachite birthing stone and the Siberian Blue Aqua Aura crystal. The intended action was to have amplified the power of both the Malachite birthing stone and the Siberian Blue Aqua Aura truth and communication stone.

  • Clear Crystal Wolf and Lioness with Cub (Two Amplifying Antennas) 1,586 gr. (55.94 oz.)
All my life I have been attracted to the wolf. I have shared my life with two of them over the years, although both animals lived short lives. I collect anything with wolves on it, and in our home I have probably a couple hundred all over the walls and shelves. My wife does needlepoint wolves for me and we have one wall down a hallway that contains what is known as the WOLF WALL. It is gorgeous --- and with every stitch she builds more and more layers of magickal protection. There is not a single wall or corner of the house that does NOT contain NATIVE AMERICAN WOLF MAGIC. All of the qualities of the wolf also may be used to describe my own personality, which was not forced and just turned out that way.

My wife is the lioness --- and coincidentally --- she was born under the sign of Leo. Everywhere amongst the wolves here can be found lions and their fierce protective energy. Placed in conjunction with my own wolf energy --- we make a pretty forceful and memorable impression upon people. Additionally, with my wife working in the healthcare field --- she provides care to all of her patients that is just as rooted in spirituality as it is in Western Medicine. While the procedures she performs are dictated by strongly enforced rules and procedures --- the bedside manner she provides has made her one of the the most popular nurses wherever she has worked.

These two crystal sculptures were used --- one wolf and one lioness and her cub (not too symbolic, eh?). They were used to direct and amplify the energy as it passed through the stones and crystals and also through the five of us present at the ritual --- the mother and father, the godfather and godmother, and the child-to-be taking the spirit place in the pentacle arrangement.

Now, here is where the antenna amplification comes in . . .

I have found that to achieve the best results with crystals and precious gemstones --- that the larger pieces are desirable. There is a very good reason for this --- which unfortunately provides evidence of the Capitalistic desire to limit the true abilities of whom the global power elite call THE PROFANE. This terminology refers to 95% of the population, by the way. This, dear reader, sadly means BOTH you and I.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you see crystals or precious gemstones in spiritualist stores, that almost always they are small pocket-sized pieces? And furthermore, that the bigger pieces are usually outrageously priced? Those who mine these minerals and crystals always attach a financial penalty on buying the bigger pieces, such as by charging $150.00/US for a crystal ball. So, most people I know buy the smaller pieces --- simply because of monetary matters. However, I have also noticed that the smaller crystals and stones also bring about results that are simply not as powerful as they could or should be.

I believe that this has to do with CAPACITY. Not the capacity of the Mage --- but the capacity of the crystal or precious gemstone.

The wolf is made out of an 853 gram tube of fine German crystal --- the lioness and cub was made out of an 834 gram block of fine Italian crystal --- which combined weighed 1,687 grams (1.687 kg.) or 3.78 lbs. This had created a tremendous reservoir, transmitting antenna, or amplification device. I am speaking of these two separate pieces as one unit, because they were the central transmitting and amplifying source of both mine and my wife's energy, along with the energy of the two godparents.

  • Gold (Element of Alchemy) 30 gr. (1 oz.)
The gold that was part of this ritual was two pieces --- a gold coin and my grandfather's cross that he used to wear around his neck. The gold coin was representative of the accomplishments my wife and I have been able to do together. My wife and I have a wonderful home that is all paid for and the wisdom of the ancients has helped us to make nothing but wise decisions --- which has been a tremendous benefit in our life together.

My grandfather's gold cross is representative of the spiritual protection that he provides to me, as he even announced to me before he died that he was supposed to be doing this. He passed over on November 13, 1990 --- just ten days before my birthday which is November 23rd. My grandfather told me that he was supposed to be watching over me after his death. I accepted his gift with grace and respect --- an honor that I still pay respect to till this very day.

Also because my primary spiritual interest is alchemy --- I just had to bring the yin-yang balance of pure gold and pure silver to the altar in the performance of this ritual.

  • Silver (Element of Alchemy) 30 gr. (1 oz.)
Silver was used in the form of a silver coin and in the sterling silver watch that belonged to my wife's grandmother. To invoke the grandparent energy in the manner as this also served to add to the overall energy invoked. Silver was also used because of it's long tradition of protecting against negative energies and outright evil. In this case, I will refer to something that is known as an ENERGY VAMPIRE. Otherwise known as HIGH-MAINTENANCE, the ENERGY VAMPIRE is an entity that feeds off the energies of an innocent. Used in this manner --- we benefited from the effect of the yin-yang balance between gold and silver, the grandparent protective energies, and as protection against those negative entities and energies that would seek to do us harm.

  • Laboradorite (Meditation Stone) 171 gr. (6 oz.)
Because both my wife and I have minds that are always in multi-tasking mode, it is hard to shut down at the end of the day. This has been solved for me by the implementation of Zen Meditation, but this is still a bit of a problem for my wife. This stone has the effect of quieting down an over-active mind. It also regulates the metabolism, which in the case of a pregnancy, is helpful in keeping the mother-to-be from gaining too much weight which may be hard to lose after the birth.

  • Jasper Spheres (Filtering Stone) 173 gr. (6.1 oz.)
Two Jasper spheres were used in the altar layout. One was Picture Jasper and the other was Brown Wild Horse Jasper. These having the effect of immune system stimulation and kidney filtration, will be most helpful in keeping this child safe until (and after!) his birth. Because of my having the blood clotting disorder called Hemophilia --- keeping the child safe from blood problems is obviously a big concern to me as the father-protector.

  • Rutilated Quartz (Aural Cleanser and Protector) 130 gr. (4.625 oz.)
Another protection stone, rutilated quartz is an aural cleanser and protector. This helps both mother and child, and the child born under this condition will carry this energy throughout their lifetime, just as do the Moonchildren of Aleister Crowley's writing. This stone was placed in a grid with the with the other clear crystal pieces --- facilitating the transfer of this energy throughout the entire altar layout.

  • Tiger's Eye (Talisman and Third-Eye Opener) 43 gr. (1.5 oz)
Outside of Amethyst, one of my other stones of attraction is the Tiger's Eye. A beautiful golden brown stone, it is known as a Third-Eye opener. This was used both for the benefit of mother and child --- but also to help the child-to-be to know truth when he or she hears it. I described this earlier as the tuning up of the bullshit detector. This has also been used to engender multi-dimensional thought and direct communion with the Cosmic Consciousness.

Additionally --- I have used Tiger's Eye as a talisman and a pocket stone.

Total Weight of all Crystals and Gemstones = 6,667.41 gr. (14.7 lbs.)

The total weight of all the crystals and precious gemstones in this ritual happened to have weighed EXACTLY 14.7 lbs. --- which was confirmed with a digital kitchen scale. Again, the infusion of the 7 4 1 energy was important to the success of the ritual . . . I might also call to your attention that in the number of grams can be found BOTH the number of THE MASTER THERION and the number of the Mage himself.

The Mage carefully weighed all the stones and crystals used in this ritual operation, and the fact that he was able to make selections that would reflect in the weight of all the pieces combined --- the number of Aleister Crowley and the Mage himself is further layering of both energies --- the energy of the number 6 6 6 and the number 7 4 1. According to the Sepher Sephiroth --- the number 666 refers to 'the spirit of gold' (pg. 57) and the number 7 4 1 refers to what I call AHA!, The Final Understanding, or The Great Work of Magick (pg. 60).

CONCLUSION - I hope that the reader has understood the interlocking meaning of each of the pieces of crystal, precious gemstones, and alchemical elements as implemented in the use of the Archangel Michael invocation and protection ritual. Each piece was selected because of its' ability and capacity to carry, transfer, or amplify the energy manifested during this ritual, which took seventy-four minutes from beginning to end. The energy manifested and invoked was that of the Archangel Michael. There were a number of reasons why this angelic entity was selected --- but the one that is most important to this discussion was that he is the angel of the hour of birth of both my wife and myself. This correspondence table can be located on pages 144-145 of LIBER 777 by Aleister Crowley.

Both of the godparents were selected because of their deep spiritual understandings and their abilities to carry positive energy with them wherever they may travel. This is probably why the godfather also happens to have become my best friend and closest confidant, and the godmother happens to be my wife's best friend and her closest confidant. Most likely, the reasons why we became such close friends is because of this spiritual compatibility on both mine and my wife's accord.

Taken together --- the sum total of what you see described above is in every manner possible --- adding many layers of protection --- as well as addressing certain areas where the interlocked five are all covering each other's backs in some manner. With the combined power and the unity of the four parents and godparents --- we will work together to protect the child-to-be.

Love is the law, love under will . . .

Section # 7 - INVOCATION and PROTECTION RITUAL - The Carrying Out

Tonight's ritual will be conducted in Twelve Parts . . .

NOTE: This is because 7 + 4 + 1 = 12

For the purposes of organization here, I am going to list all of the descriptive text within the roman numeral list, instead of listing the content after the list, which would effectively create double entries for the entire ritual operation. This would be a complete waste of space. So, when you read the following information, please keep in mind that this is the ONLY DIFFERENCE from the manner in which this information appears in the grimoire that I have created for this single purpose of protecting my wife's pregnancy and the life and health of our child.

The sections of the ritual below are a mixture of many theological constructs. The godfather is a practicing Catholic Christian --- however, he does have a very open mind and a curiosity about the universe and our place in it. The sections below incorporate all of the following theological traditions --- New Age philosophy, Gnosticism, Thelema, Christianity, Alchemy, Native American mythology, Spiritualism, and Atlantean and Egyptian Mystery School teachings.

One other thing that you should know is the following items were used in the symbolism of the ritual --- red wine for the toasts and the offering, communion crackers that were made with unleavened wheat, and Abramelin Oil --- which will be discussed in detail in a section below. We also used lavender, white sage, and sweet grass as incense. And, we also used beeswax candles --- which I have found to be more evocative and longer lasting than those garbage paraffin candles --- which are useless in terms of ceremonial ritual. I believe that this is also the reason why many churches use nothing but beeswax candles.

Also, according to author Ted Andrews in his book Animal-Speak, the bee and beeswax is highly symbolic of accomplishing the impossible. Additionally, because bees are pollinating insects --- they are symbolic of reproduction and birth. Because bees create hexagonal shaped honeycombs, one must also understand the archetypal significance of the hexagon. Interestingly, the hexagon is a symbol that relates to the heart, and is also a symbol of the Sun and all the power that emanates from the Sun.

However, beeswax candles can be expensive. But, I have been lucky to have found a reasonable quality in both beeswax and aromatherapy candles --- which I am more than happy to share with you. I also like this company because they offer BOTH a discount and free shipping on large orders:

Finally, before we performed the ritual --- I took about ten minutes to explain the meaning of SIGIL 7 4 1, LAMEN 7 4 1, and what all the crystals, precious gemstones, and alchemical elements were used for and the reasons for the selection of each and every piece. My description of all of this was as I have written above.

Here are the twelve parts of the ritual:

I. Opening Prayer

This opening prayer was actually a toast between the participants --- which was done with four glasses of red wine.

'A Toast' by Louix Dor Dempriey

Now is a time like no other
For hands to be joined of sister and brother.
In the heart it is known that love is the way
To greet each new challenge as does Dawn a new day.

Gone are the hours to lumber and chore
Ongoingly swindled by doctrines of yore.
The soul's gaze now exalted has found a new Sun
Lighting a world wherein all are One.

Remember thee well, the promise once granted
That the self, if surrendered, would create life enchanted.
A prophecy of God is this yours to fulfill
Removing the walls which surround it, all the fear of His Will.

Traveling the road to eternity is truly no riddle
Using the tools of Christ's trade allays straying from middle.
Compassion, devotion, grace and desire
Imbued with obedience and patience, will take thee still higher.

Here is to you, to he, and to she
Who give freely your love so that this can be.
You are that promise and I AM the way
My life is My message, forever to stay.

Additionally, I added the following immediately upon making the toast:

"May the infinite love and protection of the Angelic Realm help us to protect
our child throughout the remainder of the pregnancy, and throughout her life --- may this child be blessed with Wisdom, Intelligence, and Compassion, both as Child and as an Adult."

In the immediately above --- I have boldfaced and capitalized certain of the letters --- which reveals a CIPHER that I have placed inside this prayer. This cipher reveals the belief system of the godmother.

Immediately upon finishing the beginning of the ritual, I read the Gnostic Lord's Prayer, which is featured next in the ritual . . .

II. The Gnostic Lord's Prayer

The Gnostic Lord's Prayer was used for a number of reasons. First, it was one of two Lord's Prayers --- the other being the Lord's Prayer in the original Aramaic language. I wanted to use the Gnostic version because of the ending phrase, which relates to the woman and the child. It seemed appropriate because of the nature of the ritual --- to protect a pregnancy.

Gnostic Lord's Prayer

Our Father which art in Heaven,
O Father-Mother God, Divine Oneness,
Hallowed be Thy Name.

Glory to our own Beloved I AM Presence,
Thy Kingdom come,
O Great Spirit, bring forth the Golden Age,
Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven,
For the Age of Peace and Brotherhood is
completed, even now, on the Inner Planes.

Give us this day our daily bread,
Supply our needs as they manifest,
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors,
For Love is reflected in Love!

Bless us with Clarity, Love and Divine Wisdom,
Father-Mother God, help us to remain in the Temple
of the Absolute, beyond the experience of Man.

For Love is the Kingdom
And Love is the Power,
And Love is the Glory, forever,
For Thou art now, in This Age, manifested
within the Immaculate Perfect Image of every
Man, Woman and Child

Ah Woman,
Ah Child,
All One!


III. Reading - Daniel 1:17 and 2:19-22

The following reading was selected because of the fact that Daniel happens to be the middle name of the Mage, who is also the father of the child-to-be. The contents of this reading contain references to real skills that the Mage possesses. These skills include prophetic sight of the future --- which occur within prophetic dreams and night visions --- as indicated within the reading. The Mage has been using these skills to protect his spiritual family members --- delivering an accuracy rate of 100% to the benefit of all parties concerned.

The reading below refers to "these four children" --- which refers to the mother, the father, and the godmother and godfather:

Daniel 1:17 and 2:19-22 - "As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom --- and Daniel had understanding in visions and dreams . . . then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of Heaven. Daniel answered and said, 'blessed is the name of God for ever and ever --- for wisdom and might are his. And he changeth the times and the seasons --- he removeth kings and setteth up kings --- he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding. He revealeth the deep and secret things --- he knoweth the darkness but the light dwelleth with him."

IV. Banishing - Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram [LIBER ABA, pg. 618]

I am not going to repeat this part of the ritual, as it can be found in Aleister Crowley's LIBER ABA (Magick Book 4) pg. 618.

However, the Mage will mention that this banishing was carried out to ward off all evil and negative entities --- protecting both the mother and child-to-be. I will mention that in line XIII of the banishing ritual of the pentagram --- it is the Archangel Michael that is referenced. This should more than adequately explain why this was implemented --- as it further invokes Michael and his angelic energies of protection.

V. Sigil Binding and Charging

This was used with both the SIGIL 7 4 1 and the SIGIL of Archangel Michael. [Sigil of Michael as in Godwin's Qabalistic Encyclopedia, pg. 198] When I had my first look at Michael's sigil from this book --- I was immediately and forever impressed at how similar it was to the sigil I had previously designed --- SIGIL 7 4 1.

Each of the four participants were given one copy of the sigil of Archangel Michael --- and were asked to place their willed protection into the sigil. Each of the four people were asked to place a drop of their blood on their quadrant of the sigil (as explained above) --- with the spirit of the child-to-be placing its' own willed intent through the hands and breath of the mother . . .

Later on in section X, the sigils will be dispatched and their intention sent out through to the lamen --- feeding it nourishment in the following manner. Please note that in the following diagram --- the term WILLED INTENT refers to the willed intent of the mother, father, and godparents. Likewise, when I refer to SPIRIT, I am referring to the child-to-be.

NOTE: In each of the three diagrams immediately below --- the very last step has been inserted to show the reader that these are infinitely repeating patterns. The last step in each example does not appear within the system as designed and is shown for illustrative purposes ONLY:

Spirit ---> WILLED INTENT / Sigils ---> Crystals / Gemstones ---> Lamen ---> WILLED INTENT ---> Spirit ---> REPEAT

Furthermore, numerologically speaking, the diagram immediately above refers to the following:

1 ---> 4 ---> 7 ---> 14 ---> 7 ---> 4 ---> 1 ---> REPEAT

Qabalistically speaking, the diagram immediately above refers to the following:

KETHER (The Great Spiritual Work of Magick) ---> CHESED (Infinite LOVE) ---> NETZACH (Favorable Results) ---> DALETH (path between WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING) ---> NETZACH (Favorable Results) ---> CHESED (Mercy) ---> KETHER (The Great Spiritual Work of Magick) ---> REPEAT

Translated --- the sigil binding refers to the following:

"Because the mother and the father perform the Great Spiritual Work of Magick, it has brought them wisdom and understanding beyond their imaginings. Their thanks and appreciation to the Creator Energy has brought to them, a deeper understanding of the infinite love, the only real and ultimate truth. It is this knowledge and wisdom that will deliver favorable results, thus confirming the validity of the Great Spiritual Work of Magick."

Here, the four participants held hands while the Mage spoke aloud the steps named above. This had the further effect of synchronizing the four participants to one another. We started with the synchronizing of our breath, and finished with the synchronizing of our heartbeats. These above named steps are all synchronized and become a part of the natural homeostasis of each of the four parents and godparents. This has the effect of protecting the child-to-be with our combined power to the fourth power, thus suggesting exponential growth both in the intensity of the power, and in the level of protection to the mother and her child-to-be.

Here is the actual banishing prayer which was written by the Mage himself:

"The universal energy of the infinite cycles between us, cleansing our souls.
One each of the four winds --- north, south, east, west --- we all know our roles.
With each tick of the clock, the light within each one of us burns brighter.
For each spiritual rinse, leaves us with the weight on our shoulders ever lighter.

Darkness, evil, and negativity --- stay away!
You are not welcome here today!
Spiritual kindness --- come my way!
Light, love, and positivity --- lifts our burden a bit each day!"

Here is the second part of the binding prayer --- which was spoken immediately after the sigils were passed out:

Judith 9:11 - "For our power standeth not in multitude, nor from the might of strong men --- for thou are a God of the afflicted,
a helper of the oppressed, an upholder of the weak, a protector of the forlorn, and the savior of those who are without hope."

After this was read and the sigils were charged with the WILLED INTENT of each of the four participants --- we then moved on to the next section --- the Rose Quartz Love Invocation and Protection.

VI. Rose Quartz Love Invocation and Protection

The Rose Quartz Love Invocation and Protection operation was also of the Mage's own creation and design. It is based upon the ritual that is in the book THE CRYSTAL BIBLE by JUDY HALL, pg. 377. The Crystal Bible is a small handbook featuring full color throughout the entire book. It is the single best book on Crystals and Gemstones that I have ever seen, and it is the only book I carry with my crystal and gemstone collection whenever I travel.

Before I go into the Love Invocation --- let me tell you a little bit about this book and why I consider it to be the best crystal reference sourcebook. It is comprehensive, containing every crystal and gemstone I had ever heard of --- and more that I had never seen before. Every page is in full color which is extremely helpful to those who are beginners. At the back of the book are an excellent set of correspondence tables --- so that everything is explained in the fullest detail.

Here is the information on this best-ever book on crystals and precious gemstones:

      The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide To Crystals
      by Judy Hall
      © 2003 Walking Stick Press
      400 pages - $18.99 list price

      ISBN 1-58297-240-0

      Size of book: 14 cm. X 16.5 cm. (5.5 in. X 6.5 in.)

And now --- on to the Rose Quartz Love Invocation . . .

Rose Quartz Love Invocation and Protection (Adapted from a ritual by Judy Hall)

This invocation is to be used to bind the power of KDB and PJB to our child, and also, to use the power of the guardians of the four winds to protect the child during pregnancy:

Required: Four pieces of charged Rose Quartz, one piece of large charged Amethyst.

Place your crystals and four candles on candleholders on a table covered with a silk cloth. Say the following to begin the ritual:

"Mother Earth and Father Sun --- I am asking for your blessing and protection as we begin this invocation of love."

Place one candle to the north, welcoming the spirit of that direction as you light it.

Say the following as the candle is lit:

"We welcome and ask the spirit of the North to guide us and protect us."

Repeat for the South, East, and West --- repeating the above for each direction.

Next, ask that these four directional spirits act as guardians and keep you safe.

"We ask that the four directional spirits act as guardians and keep us safe."

Take your rose quartz crystals into your hands one at a time. Close your eyes and quietly attune your crystals.
Let their energy flow through your hands, up your arms, and into your heart.

As the energy reaches your heart, feel your heart open and expand. Touch each crystal to your heart one by one.
Rose Quartz is a powerful heart cleanser and healer. Allow your heart to be purified by the energy of the crystals.

As you touch the rose quartz pieces to your heart, say the following:

"I charge this crystal with a never-ending supply of love, light, and healing from my heart."

When the four directions are complete, say the following:

"With these four crystals, we create a never-broken bond between the guardians of the four directions and ourselves.
This circuit of never-ending infinite love will travel between the mother (Paula), the father (Kent), the baby, and the
guardians of the four directions. This path is as infinite as is the blood that circulates in our own bodies. It can never be
stopped or broken. This path is as infinite as the love between the mother (Paula) and the father (Kent). As long as the
multiverse exists, our love will exist. This process can never be stopped, unless it is stopped by ourselves, and never by

Then, say out loud, one at a time:

"I am a magnet for love. I welcome love into my heart."

Place the crystals around the Amethyst on the table, and say out loud in union:

"And light, love, and protection into the heart of our child."

Sit quietly in meditation for a few moments, with your eyes focused on the crystals.

When you are ready to complete the ritual, stand up and blow out each directions candle, saying:

"Thank you spirit of the north wind --- for your guardianship, love, and protection. I send your light, love, and protection
into the world, and into the life and heart of our child. It will be the white light of our love that will protect our child from
illness and negativity.

With this ritual complete, we say thanks in the best way we know how --- Aum Ho!"

After the ritual, place these crystals around your bedroom.

NOTE: These crystals have been gridded around our bedroom --- which keeps this energy focused and circulating until we tell it to stop. A few days after the ritual --- I re-gridded the crystals throughout the entire house --- as now it is circulating throughout the entire house --- loving, healing, and protecting all who are permitted to visit our sanctuary.

VII. Invocation of Archangel Michael

The Mage began the Invocation of Archangel Michael by reading yet another passage from the book of Daniel:

Daniel 10:21 - "I will show thee what is noted in the scripture of truth, and there is no truth greater than Michael is your prince."

This reading was selected because TRUTH is of paramount importance to the Mage --- who is known as one who speaks even the uncomfortable truths. However, the Mage's reputation and credibility is hinged upon this doctrine of TRUTH. It is also the Mage's belief that the world would not be in such a pitiful mess as it currently is --- if more people used their minds in the manner in which the Mage does.

The following invocation had been used by my wife and I at an earlier time --- with tremendous results --- of which I will describe below.

Before the invocation could begin --- all four participants joined hands:

Invocation of Archangel Michael
by Louix Dor Dempriey

Dear Lord Archangel Michael,
I call to you and your legions this day
to wrap me in the blue veil of your protection.

Let it descend upon me like a mantle
and be sealed and held by the grip of Mother Goddess Earth,
sourced by Her white-fire core,
protecting me from all but the highest levels of Light
of Mother-Father God,

from all non-Christed sources,
from all evil and darkness,
from all astral entities and energies,
and from all other negativities ---
planetary, interplanetary, and universal,
on-planet and off-planet,
above and below me,
to my left and to my right,
in front and behind me,
on this and all planes of existence,
in this and all levels of consciousness,
in this and all dimensions of time,
known or unknown,
now and forever.
Amen. Ho!

NOTE: Our Past Experience With Archangel Michael

This was the second time that we had used this same invocation for Archangel Michael. The first time was in October 2003 --- when the Mage and his wife were visited by a very serious but bogus accusation against her professional reputation. We were being rushed into making a hasty decision that would have had a disastrous effect upon us and our lifestyle --- not to mention the professional reputation of the wife --- who is now the mother-to-be.

On the morning we were supposed to be ready for a meeting in a faraway town in our state --- we saw the results and effect of the Archangel Michael invocation. A freak snowstorm came out of nowhere --- which was so powerful that we could not see the end of our driveway. We called the people we were supposed to be meeting with and told them of this snowstorm. There was a driving ban because the storm had gotten so bad so quickly --- and we were being asked to stay inside until the weather broke.

As soon as we received our return phone call approving of the postponement --- within five minutes the storm stopped just as mysteriously as it began. The sun was out and our meeting was postponed for six weeks. That six weeks gave us ample time to prepare the proof that ultimately exonerated the wife and ended the legal emergency that had threatened us in a very troubling manner.

Knowing that we had an invocation that worked --- and that we were furthermore invited to ask for Michael's help in the future whenever we need it --- gives us a level of comfort where we know and have proof that we are being guarded from on high.

VIII. Consecration of the Elements and Offering

Here is where the Abramelin Oil was used.

There are two areas on the human body in which I was told to use this oil --- the first was on the underside of the wrist, palm facing upwards. Along the carpel tunnel nerve is where the oil was placed.

The second area was of course on the third-eye area of the forehead.

As Crowley himself wrote --- the oil burns in magnificence when contact is made with the human body.

As was written in LIBER ABA (Magick Book 4) pg. 60, Crowley wrote the following about the Abramelin Oil:

"This Oil is of a pure golden colour; and when placed on the skin it should burn and thrill through the body with an intensity as of fire. It is the pure light in terms of desire."

As far as the consecration was concerned --- the Mage conducted the ritual in Crowley's LIBER ABA (Magick Book 4) pgs. 593-594.

IX. Protection From Native American Spirits of the Four Directions

Buffalo, New York USA has a rich Native American heritage. This is one of the truly great things about living here. Because of my past as the official printer for the Seneca Nations --- I was able to immerse myself in this wonderful culture. I was also honored to meet and work closely with a wonderful spirit, the late Twyla Nitsch, a historical guardian of the oral history of the tribe and sovereign nations. Gramma Twyla as we all called her (as by her own request), was famous, well-known, and respected throughout the spiritual world. I loved being near the unconditional love inside of Gramma Twyla --- and I listened very carefully to everything she said to me.

To additionally invoke the Native American Spirits of the Four Directions was intended as a show of respect and appreciation for the ability of the Mage and the mother-to-be to perform The Great Spiritual Work of Magick.

On the source webpage there is a beautiful piece of black and white artwork. It has a side-view of a Native American with the sun in the background. Underneath is a medicine wheel, with a herd of Buffalo charging forth through the medicine wheel. The name of this piece of art is SHIELD OF EMERGENCE by Aikins, which was created in 1993. The name of the artwork refers to emergence --- which used in this manner --- could be a metaphoric way of describing a pregnancy.

It was fitting on so many levels --- the least of which is the fact that I actually live in a place named Buffalo.

Also, to intensify magickal power, the practicing mage can incorporate magickal symbolism into the ritual utensils. As can be easily seen in the artwork above, I have done exactly that --- I have added the power of the 7 4 1 into the entire proceeding. It incorporates the Native American energies, but also includes the numerological aspects of 7 4 1. First of all, we have Buffalo in this artwork. Buffalo, New York USA is the city in which I live. These buffalo are emerging, or are in the process of birth, from within the medicine wheel. If one counts, they discover there are precisely seven buffalo. Furthermore, there are seven mountains in the background. The four feathers hanging from the medicine wheel relate to the four directional winds, representing north, south, east, and west. There is one Native American in this drawing, as there is one sun or moon.

Perhaps most intriguingly, there are twelve hoof-prints around the outside edge of the medicine wheel.

Why is twelve significant? Because twelve is the sum of one, four, and seven!

The Guardians of the Four Directions
as interpreted by Kent Daniel Bentkowski

The following verses were spoken aloud by the Mage --- as he led the others in prayer asking for the protection of the Native American spirit guardians of the four directions.

To begin, the four participants joined hands . . .

EAST - The East is the direction of new beginnings, the rising sun, enlightenment, the phoenix, and the color yellow.

SOUTH - The South is the direction of trust and innocence, the Light, the mouse, and the color white.

WEST - The West is the direction of letting go of the old, the setting sun, self-introspection, the bear, and the color black.

NORTH - The North is the direction of wisdom, spirit, and strength, and the color red.

The Buffalo is also representative of the North, home to the five here tonight, and to the Seneca Nations --- our Native American brothers and sisters.

Let us now pray and ask for their guidance and protection . . .


This part of the ritual meant a great deal to the Mage --- as there remains a strong identification with Native Americans.

The candles throughout the entire ritual have been set-up as shown in Figure 25 in LIBER ABA, pg. 561.

X. Dispatching and Projecting the Intent of the Sigils

Here --- the participants were instructed to take their copies of the sigils --- SIGIL 7 4 1 and the SIGIL of Archangel Michael --- and put them in a place that has deep spiritual meaning to each of the four participants. I have placed mine under the Grey Onyx Buddha that sits beside my bed on the bedside table. My wife has placed hers where she is keeping memorable aspects of the babies' development --- such as the sonogram pictures, etc.

Upon the healthy birth of the child --- the Mage's intent is to have a sigil burning ceremony.

XI. Silent Prayer of Gratitude

The Mage --- after joining hands with the others --- begins to read the following from the Dhammapada --- the holiest of all Buddhist texts. Please note that the following sections were adapted by the Mage for the purposes of this ritual --- all notations regarding page numbers are for the reader's benefit only.

This following section was taken from the Dhammapada, pg. 73:

"The Way is eightfold --- there are four truths.
All virtue lies in detachment --- the Master has an open third-eye.

This is the ONLY WAY --- the only Way to the opening of the third-eye.
Follow it --- outwit desire --- follow it to the end of sorrow.

This section was taken from the Dhammapada, pg. 74:

But if you meditate --- and follow the Law --- you will free yourself from desire.

This section was taken from the Dhammapada, pg. 75:

Sit in the world --- and you sit in the dark.
Sit in meditation --- and you sit in light.
Choose your seat --- let wisdom grow.

This section was taken from the Dhammapada, pg. 104:

Without fear --- go . . .
Meditate --- live purely.
Be quiet --- do your work with Mastery.

This section was taken from the Dhammapada, pgs. 112-113:

We have come to the end of the Way.
Over the river of our many lives --- our many deaths.
Beyond the sorrow of hell --- beyond the great joy of heaven
By virtue of our purity.

We have come to the end of the Way.
All that we had to do --- we have done.
And now --- we are One.

Aum ho!"

XII. Closing Prayer: Lord's Prayer in Original Aramaic

The Mage completes all of his rituals with a reading of the Lord's Prayer in the original Aramaic language. What was the most interesting to me was how radically different it was --- from the third generation of translations of this document. The following prayer is a direct translation --- which I will denote as the following:

A translation directly from the original Aramaic --- and NOT Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English. See for yourself what a difference there is between this and the Lord's Prayer you yourself might call your own:

O cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration!

Soften the ground of our being and carve out a
space within us where your Presence can abide.

Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered
to bear the fruit of your mission.

Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with your desire.

Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share
what each being needs to grow and flourish.

Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us,
as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes.

Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us
from our true purpose, but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.

For you are the ground, the fruitful vision, the birth-power and fulfillment
as all is gathered and made whole once again.

Source: Delphi Associates Newsletter (Vol. VII Issue 79) February 2002, pg. 14.

Source: Prophecy Research Institute Spiritual Remote Viewing Training Workbook, pg. 2.

NOTE: The Delphi Associates Newsletter is published by the Prophecy Research Institute.

Before the Mage read both the Gnostic Lord's Prayer and the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, he took a moment to explain to the participants why these two versions were selected. They were picked as to call to attention, several devastating changes had taken place in translating it throughout many years and from and to many languages.

Postscript: A Note On The Use Of Abramelin Oil

The Abramelin Oil was made from the formulas appearing in LIBER ABA pgs. 60-61 and 739-740. The Abramelin Oil was made from essential oils purchased from an essential oil wholesaler --- which can be located at the following website:

I am NOT going to print the formula for Abramelin Oil here --- the reader can do their own research to discover this on their own. I will say this however, these materials are coming from the African sub-continent --- and one can expect to drop a couple hundred dollars on the raw materials. This will make three vials of oil --- and this liquid is very special indeed. I used this oil in two ways --- as a consecration oil and as an aromatherapy oil.

Before I continue with my report on Abramelin Oil --- I invite the reader to investigate and learn about the tale of Abramelin The Mage. It is certainly an interesting story --- important to the development of Aleister Crowley as a mage. This is one of the things I really enjoy about magick --- on one level it is a treasure hunt. You get to use your skills of divination and symbology to decode the hidden meanings of items such as the poetry in THE EQUINOX.

When I first read about THE HOLY OIL --- I naturally became curious. It required the use of four items --- Olive Oil (cold-pressed extra virgin), Cinnamon Oil, Galangal Oil, and Myrrh Oil. Now, forget about seeing any of this in the local shopping mall. In fact, essential oils can be found in a store like the BODY SHOP --- but they are of a limited selection, and do not have any of the materials I needed to create some of this LIQUID GOLD ELIXIR.

This oil is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen for use in magick ritual. The smell is absolutely stunning --- the entire ritual area was sweetened by the thick aroma of this wonderful substance. When used as a consecration oil --- Abramelin Oil looks wonderful under the candle light.

The two areas of the human body where we used the Abramelin Oil was the third-eye area, and on the underside of the wrist (palm facing up). When the oil hits the skin and works its' way in it ripples throughout the arms and face (when used in the third-eye area of the forehead).


So there you have it --- a FULL DESCRIPTION of how a sigil and a lamen were used in an invocation ritual to protect a pregnancy. Because of injury and physical limitations --- this pregnancy was not supposed to be possible. However --- with MAGICK both my wife and I have learned that ANYTHING IS POSSBILE.

If anyone reading these words have any questions about anything they read here --- please contact me through my website:

The instructions on how to send me an e-mail can be found at the bottom of the home page.

Date of Invocation-Protection Ritual:

Sun in Virgo
Moon in Pisces
Anno IV:12
August 30, 2004 E.V.

"The year of The Hanged Man in the cycle of The Emperor."

Copyright Notice:

© 2004 Kent Daniel Bentkowski
All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Publication History:

First Internet Edition: October 14, 2004 e.v.
First Edition: September 14, 2004 e.v.


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Pantacle 741

The Grounding of Kentroversy

The magickal tool known as Pantacle 7 4 1 is a disc seven inches in diameter, whereupon I was able to once again embed the numerology of the 7, 4, and 1, as is the case in all of my willed acts and creations. In the construction of Pantacle 7 4 1, my design choices were predicated upon the structure of this underlying numerology. While Crowley wrote some pretty specific instructions [Liber ABA, pg. 95], it was more important to my overall magickal schema that I utilize my own measurements, which further layer the 7 4 1 power upon the proceedings.


As the pantacle symbolizes the element of earth, the pantacle described in this essay was likewise made from wood, and not wax. Just as I do when I write my own rituals, I use certain pre-existing materials as a guide and not a recipe to be followed to the letter. While there are certain instructions that do need to be followed exactly, the pantacle however, is not one of them. What is far more important is that the magickal skills and abilities are represented correctly, so they may be accessed whenever the power needs to be manifested.  

In fact, the whole project did not hit me until I was there in the craft store, with this wooden disc staring me in the face! The piece of wood that I discovered in this store was supposed to be used as a clock face --- and for my purposes, it was perfect in every dimension. As I have previously written, the Qabalistic meaning of the number 741 corresponds to what I refer to as the ‘Aha! Moment’ --- that magickal moment where final understanding occurs. The number 741 is also a title of Kether, the summit of the Tree of Life. [Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia, pg. 594] Thus, when I came to understand the serious nature of my own true potential, it was at that precise time that I began my own journey down the long and often arduous path of the practicing magician. 

Just as I have done throughout my entire magickal career, I injected my own creativity into the construction of the pantacle that this essay discusses. In keeping with the underlying numerological theme, there are four mottoes along the outer circle, which have been written in Hebrew. I will provide both the Latin and English translations, so the reader will be able to follow along, from the creation of the pantacle; to the finished piece, which is then, ready for use. However, upon careful examination of this string of Hebrew words, only three mottoes can be discerned. The idea behind this was to incorporate the concept of “to know, to will, to dare, and to be silent!” --- which follows below:

  • To Know – I know that I am Frater Kentroversy, so named because I strive for anything different, which is to most people, highly controversial. It is a term that describes me perfectly. I also know that the number of Kentroversy is 741, and over these many years I have been practicing magick, I have also come to know my abilities and true power, as well as the secret key to that power. I also know toward what ends I direct my magickal abilities, which also was one of the most empowering moments I have ever come to understand and experience.

Before the student magician can proceed to the next step, he or she must come to terms with the operant knowledge of silencing the mind. The first two questions all new students of magick ask are; “where do I begin?,” and “how do I begin?” Again, I am going to stress the controversial, as I believe that self-initiation is the best manner in which to study. This way, advancement is dependent on the aspirant’s will, knowledge, and attainment, and not upon lodge politics.

This statement is based upon the results of my own research into this issue, where the typical secret society with degrees of initiation as its’ path, see approximately 95% of all members limited to the lower degrees, where the candidate is told that the highest rank is that which they just received. The candidate is excited, believing they have been let in on something secret. However, using Freemasonry as an example, there are thirty additional degrees above the one called Master Mason! The ones who attain this degree believe they are at the top of the pyramid, when in fact, they are pitifully at the bottom.

I have a copy of Aleister Crowley’s Certificate of Appointment as National Grand Master of the O.T.O. for Great Britain and Ireland, signed by Frater Superior Theodor Reuss on April 21, 1912 ev. Crowley is listed on this document as 33rd degree Scottish Rite, 90th degree Rite of Memphis, and 95th degree Rite of Mizraim, and Xth degree O.T.O. This document has been photographically reproduced in quite an extraordinary book entitled Occult Theocracy, by Lady Queensborough (Edith Starr Miller), a privately circulated book, which was published in 1933. I have an original copy, which I picked up for an outrageously small amount of money. Coincidentally, this book has exactly 741 pages!

I wanted to mention this matter concerning Crowley, because in his Freemasonic initiation, he was superiorly advanced. The sad thing about the formal lodge system is that the vast majority of the members are never offered multiple tracts through the levels of initiation. In fact, my own research has shown that as many as 95% of all Freemasons are limited to the three lowest ‘Blue Lodge’ degrees. These degrees from lowest to highest are; Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. These are known as the Craft Degrees, and this system of these three degrees is known as Symbolic or Blue Lodge Freemasonry.

While Master Masons may take pride in being on the inside, they are sadly misinformed. Over the years, I have spoken to many Freemasons, and they were nearly all unaware of this system of degrees beyond Master Mason. Therefore, it may appear to be true that as many as 95% of members see this as nothing more than an adult extension of the collegiate fraternity system; where members get away from their family lives for a couple hours a few times per month. One mason I spoke to told me that it was nothing more than a fundraising organization! I think its’ pretty safe to say that guy wasn’t a 33rd degree himself!

This is the major reason why I never joined this system, I simply preferred at that time of my life to work alone.

Out of decades of study and practice, I am now beginning to teach and mentor others. This is an awesome responsibility, and it is one task I am ready to undertake with a vengeance. The classes I lead at my home, as well as my participation at Maybe Logic Academy have shown to me that all that work in silence and solitude was certainly worth it. The small group of Academy students that have come seeking my advice have warmed my heart with their support and encouragement.

To all beginning students of magick, and especially those who are considering such a life path; there is one more minor detail that needs to be discussed, because it is part of this ‘to know’ category. For what do you want to use your magick? There are many methods of projecting willed intent, a few ideas for your further consideration might be; Sigil magick, Divination, Thelema, Chaos magick, invocation, evocation --- just to name a few common types of magickal projection. Part of knowing is having direction, even under problematic conditions.

With the motto Kentroversy, everyone who knows me personally, realizes that I seek to shatter all expectations with the manner in which I live my life. Although this has also made me enormously unpopular with those somnolent sheep of this world, it has given me encouragement when others might have given in and given up. This is how I practice my magick, with complete joi d’vive! 

My motto for this step is in English: “Kentroversy.”


  • To Will – As truth is of central and paramount importance in my life, it is quite natural for my willed intent to involve truth in its’ most ideal application. This is what I stand for, as well as expect of those with whom I associate. I also believe in truth in magick, an idea that my magick is only to be used for honest reasons. I cannot in good conscience ask that those around me be honest in their dealings with me, and then lie, cheat, and steal in return.

My motto for this step is in Latin: “Hoc est Verum et Nihili Nisi Verum.”

English translation: “The truth and nothing but the truth.”


  • To Dare – Because I am a teacher of magick and metaphysics, plus a lover of books and reading, my daring act of willed intent must involve these very tools. The manner in which our world has grown intolerant is through something I will call intellectual fascism. This is a term that is credited to Albert Ellis, who in 1970, published a nine-page article by that title for the Journal of Human Relations. Intellectual fascism is the idea that there exists a group of people who are inferior, and a great deal of truth and knowledge is withheld from that group.

So, who would you imagine is trapped in this ‘Blue Lodge’ world? That’s right, those of us who are not in the upper 5% of all wealth on the planet --- we have been given a version of life that in no way comes close to what is learned by those high-level initiates of the various mystery schools. Incidentally, if you would like an education of the teachings of the various mystery schools, please watch the first three Star Trek television series’, which are known to fans as The Original Series [TOS], The Next Generation [TNG], and Deep Space Nine [DS9]. In particular, TNG broadcasted a tremendously important allegory on Astrotheology in the series’ seventh and final season. It was an episode entitled ‘Masks.’ If anyone reading these words has access to this episode, please do watch it, as it is an excellent representation of a mystery school play, similar in form to something like the Rites of Eleusis.

One of my pet peeves in this life is the helplessly and hopelessly ill-educated who roam among us. There is no excuse for such behavior, as it seems people actually enjoy the path of the uneducated. I am a vociferous advocate for both books and learning of all types, and naturally, this had to become a central part of my magickal destiny. One of my other goals is to help people uncover the secret to their own power, and I try to present a smorgasbord of disciplines and approaches.  

My motto for this step is in Latin: “Kentroversy defensatrix bibliotheca.”

English translation: “Kentroversy defends books and knowledge.”


  • And To Be Silent! – Obviously, with the last motto of this configuration pertaining to silence, I cannot print the full motto here at this time. However, I will say that it is something that all of my enemies get to know about me personally. Since I began using the silent motto - .’. - .’. - .’. --- I have never lost a conflagration with which I have been involved. Please do not misunderstand my usage of this word, as I am a Sagittarian, which is a fire sign. I was born on November 23, 1961 --- 11/23/61 --- which is a double seven. In fact, seven has played a role in my life from the very beginning.

Whenever I perform Tikune magick (a Qabalistic term meaning karma), I do so only in protection of myself and my family. However, if someone wants to attack me with malice, I have no problem getting down to business. This is why I have been so successful in this area. 

My motto for this step is in Latin: - .’. - .’. - .’.

                  English translation: - .’. - .’. - .’.


The inner circle area of the pantacle features the five-pointed pentagram, with the names of ten angels around the outside. These represent the seven planets of the ancients, along with the three angels that represent the months of birth of my wife, myself, and our son.

Here is how the list breaks down --- all of the following are from Gustav Davidson’s book entitled ‘A Dictionary of Angels: Including The Fallen Ones,’ with the page numbers following each entry:

  • Gustav Davidson – ‘A Dictionary of Angels: Including The Fallen Angels’
    • Archangel, Angel of Fire, Protection Angel – Michael (pgs. 193-195)
      • Michael is known to be the greatest of all angels. He is chief of the archangels, and is the ruler of 4th heaven. Michael also relates to fire and the sun, and as such, he is ranked most-important.  
    • Angel of November – Advachiel (pg. 7)
      • Advachiel is known as the Angelic protector of November, as well as ruling over the sign of Sagittarius.
    • Angel of August – Hamaliel (pg. 134)
      • Hamaliel is the Angelic protector of the month of August, as well as governor of the rulers of the order of virtues.
    • Angel of March – Malahidael (pg. 179)
      • Governing angel of the month of March.
    • Angel of the Moon – Gabriel (pgs. 117-119)
      • Second only to the sun is the moon, and that makes Gabriel the number two in command. In the Old Testament, only Michael and Gabriel are mentioned by name.
    • Angel of Saturn – Kafziel (pg. 164)
      • In addition to being the Angel of Saturn, Kafziel serves as one of two chief aides to Gabriel when Gabriel goes into battle.
    • Angel of Jupiter – Zadkiel (pg. 324)
      • In addition to being the Angel of Jupiter, Zadkiel assists Michael when Michael goes into battle.
    • Angel of Venus – Aniel (pg. 48)
      • In addition to being the Angel of Venus, Aniel can also be invoked as an amulet against evil. 
    • Angel of Mercury – Raphael (pgs. 240-242)
      • Raphael is not only the Angel of Mercury, he is “one of the Watchers.” He was also sent by God to heal an injury to Jacob’s leg, and Raphael was my principal protecting angel when I convalesced from a serious automobile accident in July 1993. He is the angel of healing, and with my wife being a nurse, this was more than an apt choice.
    • Angel of Mars – Sammael (pg. 255)
      • In addition to being the Angel of Mars, Sammael was represented in the Second Book of Enoch as a magician. [2 Enoch 10:4, pg. 268] Because of this, I consider Sammael to be an angelic protector of magick and of magicians.

KDB Note: In the book above, there is also a listing of the monthly angelic correspondences on pg. 341, and a planetary angelic correspondence listing on pg. 342. Additionally, the month of November is my own birth month, August is the birth month of my wife, and March is the birth month of our son.

The reason why I placed the symbols for the elements on the inside of the star, is so that I can use the pantacle as a teaching aide, as well as being an example of what a pantacle looks like. And, of course, Sigil 7 4 1 is the center from which all magickal power emanates. Graphically, there is a slight blurring effect on the star from the bottom, in the upward direction, so the star looks like it is in the process of ascension. This is certainly true of the willed intent of myself as a teacher. It is my hope that I can become a vehicle to facilitate their further spiritual enlightenment and illumination, so each student may become the star that is their destiny, each with their own orbital pathway throughout.

The manner in which the pantacle was constructed was by using a prefabricated piece of wood that measured exactly seven inches across (and .74 inch thick) of pine. The edge around the circumference was milled and beveled, so that one side was slightly wider than the opposite side. I designed and printed out the pentagram on my ink-jet printer. Then, I affixed the two designs to the obverse and reverse of the pantacle.

I bought the piece of wood, a bottle of decoupage [a type of glue and acetone mixture], and a couple of brushes for under ten dollars. What this stuff is like is a liquid glue, that is white in the bottle, but dries clear, with the slight scent of acetone (nail polish remover). I had the sandpaper at home, and sanded everything down to remove all sharp edges and surfaces.

Next, I painted one side of the wood with a fairly heavy coating of decoupage. Next, I placed the design down firmly on the glue. You only have one shot to do this so make sure you practice a few times before laying down both the glue and your design. This stuff dries fast, so it is crucial not to create air-bubbles or wrinkles. I had a small wrinkle on the reverse side, but was able to fix it in subsequent coats.

Once you work out all positioning, then paint right on top of the design you just laid down on top of the sticky surface you just painted. The idea here is to seal the entire surface, with the design stuck to the wooden disc. I painted each side with four coats on top of the one which painted the original surface of the wood, for a total of five coats per side. It took twenty minutes for each coat to dry, and between both sides, it took me about three hours to finish.

When I did each coat, I rotated between a north-south and east-west pattern, with the brush stokes. When I was finished, it looked like a clear canvass sealing in the pantacle design, which was beneath with no visual obstructions whatsoever. I did it this way because I am completely useless when it comes to woodworking. I have no tool shop in my basement, so this seemed like the least invasive manner in which to complete this project.  

One last thing that I want to mention about this is that when you use this material, please do not cover the entire side of the disc with your design. Give about half an inch all the way around so the paper can stick better to the wood. Remember, you are creating a seal, which binds the paper to the wood. When finished, I know have an entirely appropriate new addition to my magickal toolbox.

In closing, I would like the reader to think about these wise words from the second book of Enoch:

“Blessed are the just who shall escape the Great Judgment, for they shall shine forth more than the sun sevenfold, for in this world the seventh part is taken off from all; light, darkness, food, enjoyment, sorrow, paradise, torture, fire, frost, and other things; he put all down in writing, so that you may read and understand.” 

--- 2 Enoch 66:7-8, pgs. 301-302 

So that you may understand, yea, so that you may understand!


Kent Daniel Bentkowski

Buffalo, New York USA

November 27, 2004



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In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit for research and educational purposes.